My article for Seiken News

The Institute of Industrial Science, where I am currently doing research, publishes a newsletter called Seiken News every two months. I had the opportunity to write an article for the April issue's "PROMENADE" section, which is reserved for researchers from abroad. This was my first time writing anything substantial in Japanese, so I thought it was worth holding on to. The article primarily discusses my arrival in Japan and my life since then, but if you're interested, you can read it in "Seiken News #189" at the link provided below.

Incidentally, the proverb written in both Japanese and Yiddish at the beginning of the article is one I originally learned in English as "Man makes plans, and God laughs" from my parents. Only during the research for this article did I discover that it's originally a Yiddish proverb. I of course knew that my ancestors were Eastern European Jews, but I was surprised to find a direct Yiddish translation in the English I normally use. Made me feel a bit closer to my roots.

You can view the article here